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ICE: NYSE FANG+ Index™ Futures

November 2017

ICE Futures U.S. is launching the NYSE FANG+™ Index future this week. Trading starts on November 8.

The contract is cash-settled and it provides a capital-efficient means of hedging exposure to FANG stocks.

The NYSE FANG+™ Index is based on a select basket of fast-growing technology related stocks. The futures contract was designed to provide market participants the ability to take a view on some of today's most actively traded tech companies. It also complements ICE's portfolio of wider-based MSCI© and FTSE© index futures contracts.

  • Equal-weighted at quarterly re-balances
  • Dynamic methodology to allow the index to adapt to quickly evolving sector
  • Cash-settled
  • Futures margin with offsets available
  • Quarterly expirations
  • Contract size: $50 x Index
  • Tick: $5
  • Ability to leverage
  • Attractively sized contract
  • Incentive program

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NYSE FANG+ Index is a trademark of ICE Data Indices, LLC or its affiliates (“ICE Data”) and has been licensed for use in connection with the NYSE FANG+ Index Futures.

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