Gedon Hertshten

Gedon founded G. H. Financials Limited in the City of London in 1993 and he is the majority shareholder of the company which in turn wholly owns two subsidiaries located in Chicago and Hong Kong. An independent clearing operation, G. H. Financials has grown to become one of the leading clearers in the industry.

Gedon began his career as a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1978 and has been involved in the derivatives industry ever since. Following his successful trading career on various exchanges, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to new ventures related to the derivatives industry. As a true trader at heart, he enjoys the pursuit of related, as well as unrelated, businesses in the ever-changing financial markets.

He was a member of the LIFFE Board of Directors from May 1997 until December 2005 and sat on many key committees. His entrepreneurship and vision has led him to steer G. H. Financials to become a leading provider of clearing and settlement services globally.