Algorithmic Traders

G. H. Financials leverages its investment in state of the art technology and connectivity to meet and exceed the market access, clearing and settlement needs of Algorithmic Traders. From speed and reliability of execution, to aggressive pricing for high volume business, we provide the functionality you need for successful trading.

We have a broad range of Algorithmic Trading clients trading across a wide range of markets. As each day’s trading passes we constantly increase our understanding of the needs of this rapidly growing market sector.

G. H. Financials Bespoke Services for Algorithmic Traders

G. H. Financials services for algorithmic traders are already well appreciated in the market, with some of the world's largest Algorithmic Traders using our services.

Our services are tailored for your specific needs regardless of whether you are an Investment Bank or an Independent Proprietary Trader. For our Algorithmic Traders we are able to offer a wide range of custom solutions including:

  • Colocation: we can host your trading box at the Exchange's data centre - reducing latency
  • Proximity hosting
  • State of the art risk management software
  • Volume pricing discounts.

More information:

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