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Bursa Malaysia

G. H. Financials provides Clearing services and Order routing services for Bursa Malaysia's (BMD - Malaysia Derivatives Exchange) derivatives contracts.

About Bursa Malaysia

Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (formerly known as the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) offers 3 categories of derivatives: Commodity Derivatives, Equity Derivatives and Financial Derivatives.

In recent years Bursa Malaysia has focused on improving its product and service offerings, increasing the liquidity and velocity of its markets.

Its main product is the Crude Palm Oil Futures contract (FCPO) which is the global price benchmark for the palm oil industry. Bursa Malaysia is the world’s largest palm oil futures trading hub and has been since 1980.

Bursa Malaysia

Bursa Malaysia trading summary

Traded volume
  Contracts traded: N/A
  Annual change: N/A

Traded volume is all contracts for the 12 month period ending December 2014. Data is for illustrative purposes only. Source: FIA

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