Conference: FIA Forum: Taipei 2019

Date:5 September 2019Time:1.30pm to 4.35pmLocation:TaipeiVenue:Humble House

G. H. Financials is pleased to be supporting and participating in the FIA Forum: Taipei 2019 on 5th  September in Taipei.

The Forum is the FIA’s annual event in Taiwan and brings together the key regional players in the region to discuss key developments in the Taiwanese regional and global markets.  The Forum is now seen as a key regional industry event.

G. H. Financials is supporting the FIA Forum: Taipei

The focus of the Forum this year is twofold. Firstly, the impact of external developments on the growth of within the region, and secondly, the growth of retail sector as a key driver for growth.

G. H. Financials is a branding partner for the Forum, and Sharon Shi Ning, Managing Director of G. H. Financials (Hong Kong) Ltd., will be the moderator of the Regional Focus, Global Strategy panel discussion  which will be looking at how external factors stimulating growth in the Asian derivatives markets.

FIA Forum: Taipei 2019

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