Middleware Solutions

G. H. Financials offers state of the art middleware functionality to our clients.

The advantage we offer independent execution brokerages, Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA’s), fund managers and all high volume clients is in gaining real time read write visibility and control over all trade flows, without becoming an exchange member.

Real Time Data Management: ATEO's TEO Derivatives

ATEO's TEO Derivatives is the market leading Order Book Management System (OBMS) and offers clients real time pre and post trade amendment and splitting functionality.

Used extensively by CTA’s and independent execution brokers ATEO's TEO Derivatives allows our clients to generate trade recaps, split trades using templates or closest to average functions, or to simply add a client reference to the exchange trade post execution.

ATEO's TEO Derivatives is fully integrated into the downstream flows and is market/trading ISV agnostic, adding significant scalability and flexibility to any firm with execution flows.

SEALS NG - Additional Clearing Functionality

SEALS NG completes the chain between trading and back end flows.

As a client of G. H. Financials we are able to grant you full read/write access to your flows at clearing house level, without the necessity of holding any form of direct exchange membership.

As a CTA, Fund Manager or Execution Broker you can be afforded full control over the trade allocation process, including complete visibility of the clearing status. This gives you the ability to see in real-time exactly where each trade has been allocated to, when the trade was given up, and the exact time upon which the trade was accepted. Enabling you to effectively manage your positions and the associated risk.

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