G. H. Financials:

Market Access

G. H. Financials provides clearing, settlement and market access services to the world’s leading derivatives exchanges.

We are in an enviable position of having access to a large number of exchanges when compared with much of our competition, and are continually expanding our exchange access to provide our clients with additional trading opportunities.

Australian Securities Exchange

ASX is the primary stock exchange in Australia, facilitating the trading of equities, derivatives, and other financial instruments.


B3, formerly known as BM&FBOVESPA, is the leading financial exchange in Brazil, playing a pivotal role in facilitating the trading of various financial assets, including stocks, futures, and commodities.

Bursa Malaysia

Bursa Malaysia is the leading stock exchange in Malaysia, with its most heavily traded contracts encompassing equity index futures, crude palm oil futures, and other significant derivatives, driving vibrant market activity.

CME Group

CME Group is a prominent global derivatives marketplace, known for facilitating high trading volumes in its most heavily traded contracts, including E-mini S&P 500 futures, Eurodollar futures, and a wide range of commodity derivatives, serving as a vital hub for international financial transactions.

Dubai Mercantile Exchange

DME is a leading energy futures exchange in the Middle East, renowned for its most heavily traded contracts in crude oil, particularly Oman Crude Oil Futures, playing a pivotal role in shaping regional energy markets and providing risk management solutions for industry participants.


Eurex is one of the largest derivatives exchanges globally, offering a diverse range of heavily traded contracts, including EURO STOXX 50 futures, DAX futures, and various fixed-income derivatives, serving as a key platform for European and international investors to manage risk and access global markets.


Euronext is a leading pan-European stock exchange, operating multiple markets across Europe and providing a wide array of heavily traded contracts, encompassing equities, equity derivatives, commodities, and other financial instruments, facilitating seamless access to diverse investment opportunities for market participants.

HKEX Group

HKEX Group (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited) is a premier securities and derivatives exchange operator in Asia, home to heavily traded contracts like Hang Seng Index futures and options, providing a gateway to China and global markets, and playing a pivotal role in driving the region’s financial development.

ICE Futures Abu Dhabi

ICE Futures Abu Dhabi is a prominent commodities and derivatives exchange based in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in the trading of energy and other key futures contracts in the Middle East region.

ICE Futures Europe

ICE Futures Europe is a prominent commodities and interest rate futures exchange in Europe, featuring heavily traded contracts in energy, agriculture, and financial products like Brent Crude Oil futures, Gas Oil futures, Euribor, and Short Sterling futures, serving as a key hub for global energy, commodity, and interest rate markets.

ICE Futures US

ICE Futures US is a major commodities and financial futures exchange in the United States, offering heavily traded contracts in agricultural commodities like cotton and coffee, as well as interest rate products such as U.S. Treasury Bond futures and Eurodollar futures, providing essential risk management and price discovery tools for participants in diverse markets.

Japan Exchange Group

Japan Exchange Group (JPX) is a leading financial exchange group in Japan, hosting heavily traded contracts in equities, government bonds, and other financial products, such as Nikkei 225 futures and TOPIX futures, playing a critical role in fostering liquidity and facilitating investment opportunities in the Japanese financial markets.


The Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) is a renowned commodities exchange headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, known for its significant role in facilitating the trading of agricultural commodities futures and options, particularly in the grains and oilseeds markets.

Montréal Exchange

TMX Group is a premier integrated exchange group in Canada, operating multiple markets, including the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV), featuring heavily traded contracts in equities, commodities, and energy products, providing a vital platform for capital raising, trading, and risk management in the Canadian financial landscape.

Singapore Exchange

SGX (Singapore Exchange) is a leading multi-asset exchange in Asia, renowned for its heavily traded contracts in equities, foreign exchange, and derivatives, including FTSE Straits Times Index futures and Nikkei 225 futures, serving as a key hub for global investors seeking exposure to the dynamic Asian markets.