G. H. Financials celebrates 30 Years of Innovation, Integrity & Commitment

28 November 2023

G. H. Financials, one of the world’s leading independent Futures Commission Merchants (FCM), marked a key milestone in London on 19th October 2023 in celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

The event, fittingly held in London’s Royal Exchange, the original location for the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) the first exchange G. H. Financials provided clearing services for, was attended by G. H. Financials’ friends, partners, clients and staff.

Sharon Shi, Chief Executive Officer, Mark Ibbotson, Chairman and founder Gedon Hertshten all made speeches highlighting the key successes made by, and the challenges overcome by G. H. Financials over the last thirty years, all with a strong focus on the next thirty years.

A specially commissioned film was shown (below) to give recognition to G. H. Financials founder, Gedon Hertshten, highlighting some of the key achievements of G. H. Financials as well as to recognise the contribution of key staff to the continued success of the business

Mark Ibbotson, Chairman of G. H. Financials, said:
30 years of excellence: it’s not just a milestone, it’s a testament to our ability to innovate, the dedicated people who drive us and the unwavering commitment that propels us into the future.

Sharon Shi, Chief Executive Officer of G. H. Financials said:
To be so well placed after thirty years is a huge achievement, and this is down to the vision shown by Gedon Hertshten in driving the business forward and the dedicated team members of G. H. Financials in their commitment to delivering excellence in all that they do.


G. H. Financials was founded in 1993, by Gedon Hertshten, for local floor traders on the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE), since then the business has expanded to become a truly global entity with offices in London, Chicago, Hong Kong and most recently in Kolkata, providing clearing services for the world’s international derivatives exchanges.

G. H. Financials has become the clearing partner of choice for an ever-increasing number of clients, clearing over 600 million futures contracts every year and providing access to over 20 of the world’s leading exchanges.


Ever since Gedon Hertshten founded the company, G. H. Financials has always been driven by a strong set of values, which has seen the company flourish over thirty years in a highly competitive market and has laid the foundation for future growth.

These values, “Innovation, Integrity and Commitment” have seen G. H. Financials expand its clearing services across the world’s exchanges, open offices in key markets to provide local service and help develop those markets and in the process winning FOW’s Non-Bank Futures Commission Merchant of the Year twice in a row, as well as being ranked as the most highly rated non-bank FCM for customer satisfaction.

None of the success achieved by G. H. Financials over the last thirty years would’ve been possible without Gedon Hertshten’s drive and enthusiasm, which has not only resulted in making G. H. Financials one of the world’s leading independent clearers but has also led to recognition by the Futures Industry Association (FIA) which inducted Gedon into the FIA Hall of Fame at the beginning of this year.

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