G. H. Financials Implements Born Technology's Cross Check for MiFID II Real-Time Surveillance

11 December 2017

Chicago, IL, December 11, 2017 – Today Born Technology announced that G. H. Financials Limited, the global clearer of exchange traded derivatives, is implementing CrossCheck to manage their real-time surveillance needs mandated by the MiFID II regulation in Europe. The gold standard for compliance with MiFID II real-time monitoring obligations, CrossCheck consolidates multiple data feeds of real-time trading activity to provide surveillance and alert notification capabilities.

“Having carefully considered the available real-time surveillance solutions in the marketplace, G. H. Financials chose CrossCheck to monitor the algorithmic trading of our clients due to its real-time processing power, automatic aggregation, and its custom visualization components; Born Technology is highly responsive and in-tune with what we need”, said Alastair Moffatt, Chief Risk Officer at G. H. Financials.”

CrossCheck consolidates trade flow across multiple exchanges and front-end systems. With the ability to monitor message flow and velocity in real-time, visualize historical data over custom time frames and deliver transaction reports to EU regulators; firms are able to verify, amend and export reports directly within the CrossCheck interface.

“We are happy to see our clients prepare for MiFID II in advance of the January 3rd deadline,” said Derek Haworth, CEO of Born Technology. “With the recent integration of Transaction Reporting with DEA Management and Algo Monitoring capabilities, our CrossCheck solution has gained significant momentum as the unified platform for fulfilling these obligations.”

About Born Technology

Born Technology provides technology infrastructure and services to global banks, futures commission merchants, hedge funds and asset managers. Providing execution into global exchanges through technology architecture that reduces latencies and offers direct market access, Born services clients globally.

About G. H. Financials

G. H. Financials is a provider of global clearing solutions for exchange traded futures and options contracts on the world’s leading derivatives markets and has provided market access and clearing services to professional traders and institutions around the globe since 1993. G. H. Financials clears on over 25 exchanges globally and has been consistently one of the largest clearing members on the European and U.S. futures exchanges. G. H. Financials is headquartered in London and operates subsidiary businesses in both Chicago and Hong Kong.

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