Exchange Connectivity

G. H. Financials provides a comprehensive, top-level performance, low latency and extensive availability order-routing service to the world’s major derivatives exchanges. Our service gives you fast and efficient market access to multiple pools of liquidity, whilst requiring only singular connectivity. Clients of G. H. Financials enjoy unparalleled access to global derivatives markets through stable, reliable, low-latency market access solutions.


We understand the importance of providing a fast and secure service. That’s why as a market-leading provider we have invested heavily in infrastructure to ensure you receive a high-performance order routing service with maximum uptime and minimum latency.

Despite being solution-oriented, and agnostic about trading software, we have partnered with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), such as CQG, Stellar Trading and Trading Technologies to ensure we can offer you the widest range of trading solutions available.

We also offer co-location and proximity hosting solutions to the world’s major derivatives exchanges, and where possible we will provide the trading software of your choice.


  • Multiple data centres around the world located near or co-located with major Exchanges
  • Fully redundant back-office systems
  • Multiple redundant low latency exchange connections
  • Fully scalable systems to accommodate peaks in demand.
  • Continuous monitoring of all client orders through our systems by experienced analysts to monitor risk and exposure

We apply pre-trade risk controls to our Order-Routing clients. Under specific circumstances, where there are pre-trade limit controls at the exchange which G. H. Financials controls, we will sponsor access for regulated entities that are not exchange members.

Our Order-Routing Services are trusted by a variety of clients including:

  • Proprietary Traders
  • Trading Bureaux
  • Execution Brokers
  • Market Makers
  • Algorithmic Traders
  • Fund Managers
  • Banks
  • Commercial Hedgers

As with our other services, all clients using G. H. Financials’ Order Routing are supported 24 hours a day, 6 days per week, by multi-lingual experienced analysts.