Risk Services

Protecting our clients’ assets is the number one priority at G. H. Financials. We will work closely with you to ensure your assets are protected in the best possible way to suit your trading style and particular situation.

We dedicate significant resources to ensure that our risk management systems are effective, by providing clients with the right tools and information to deliver maximum protection with minimum impact on their trading styles.


Our robust approach to risk management is split into four levels of safeguarding:


Your financial security is ours too and, therefore, we will work with you to manage your risk by setting appropriate trading limits and monitoring active positions.

We monitor your trading activity in real-time and our state-of-the-art Risk Management Systems tracks your margin requirements and open positions around the clock. The same risk system can be deployed to your desktop or handheld device.


Our experienced risk team will take the time to recognise your individual needs and unique trading requirements prior to you opening an account.

We are exchange traded futures and options specialists and we understand your markets and the products you trade. Therefore, we can tailor risk management solutions to fit your trading needs.

We provide practical assistance in accessing order routing systems and setting and maintaining limits within the systems. In addition, we can maintain limits in order routing systems at individual trader level or enterprise level.

With an in-house developed methodology for determining the minimum deposit required -depending on the limits you require in the specified products, their risk characteristics and your trading style.


Once an account is open and your trading has begun, we will proactively monitor the risk status of your account. We want your margin deposit to be used as efficiently as possible and, therefore, we offer margin offsets to the extent they are available at the exchanges and clearing houses. This helps you manage practical issues and control risk, for example, by locking down the ability to trade contracts (where available) that are going towards expiry and have delivery risk.


In addition to our real-time monitoring, we are available to provide you with information 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, regarding your latest consolidated post-trade positions and margin projections.

Our risk team are available for all account enquiries and can respond promptly to requests for limit changes.


We take the protection of your assets extremely seriously...

As a regulated firm G. H. Financials is required to segregate and control client money separately from G. H. Financials’ money. Client and house monies are segregated and cannot be commingled. G. H. Financials ensures that procedures in this area are in place, and monitored by Compliance, being regularly reviewed by auditors.


G. H. Financials does not undertake proprietary trading for its own account. Our focus is on our clients. The Firm ensures that clients are always treated fairly when G. H. Financials is acting on their behalf; this core principle underpins the design and operation of our business activities.

In providing clearing and market access services G. H. Financials has a responsibility to provide the same level of care and attention to all clients, whatever their size.

Order routing processes are automated so the Firm cannot, and does not, influence the sequence in which orders arrive at exchanges. This ensures all customers are treated fairly without preferential treatment. In providing services to clients G. H. Financials’ employees are required to act independently of any interest that may conflict with the duties owed to different clients or between G. H. Financials and its clients.

For a copy of our Conflicts of Interest statement, please contact: